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Buying a new house is an extremely exciting time, but it can also be stressful, which is why buying a house from Belvoir makes all the difference.

Here’s a short summary of things to remember when you begin the house buying process.

Before you start…

Before you even start on the exciting journey of buying a new house, it’s really important to be sure that all of your finances are in order. Find out realistically how much you can afford to spend on a property, and speak to a few mortgage providers to find out their suggestions, too! It is also worth remembering that you’ll also have additional costs, such as Stamp Duty and removals fees.


No doubt you’ve looked in every estate agent’s window and browsed all of the online property portals to find your dream home. It’s always good to make a shortlist of a couple of properties that you want to view, that way if one sells before you get the chance to view it or make an offer, you’ve got some back-up options.

Don’t forget, when you’re on a viewing you can ask anything you like, the estate agent should be there to advise, or you could ask the sellers if they aren’t too busy to answer a couple of questions. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Ask which council tax band the property falls in to
  • Ask about the area, what it’s like and what is local
  • Find out about transport links so you can work out how long it may take to get to work

Make an offer

Once you’ve fallen in love with a property and want to call it home, you will need to call up the agent and let them know you wish to make an offer. The agent will act as a negotiator between yourself and the seller to help you reach a mutually agreeable offer.

Don’t be surprised if your first offer is turned down, remember that the seller will likely have a figure that they are expecting to be offered.

Once an offer is accepted, there is still plenty to do. You’ll employ the services of a conveyancer to act on your behalf to arrange and negotiate all of the legal proceedings. Additionally you may have a survey of the property conducted (which we recommend). This will be carried out by a chartered surveyor and will issue you with a report of the current structural condition of the house – this is important as it can pick up on expensive issues such as subsidence.

Need help? Just ask!

The biggest tip we can give is to ask for help if required. The agent that you are buying from will be able to help and advise you throughout the process, and there are many industry bodies that can also help you if you get stuck.

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