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  • 15th November 2013
    iPad apartments at College Green offer something unique. They appeal to tenants looking for high quality modern apartment living and there is nothing similar in or around the Pontypridd area. ...
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  • 4th June 2013
    The first thing to check before using a letting agent is whether they belong to a professional organisation such as the Property Ombudsman, National Approved Letting Scheme or Association of Residential Letting Agents. ...
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  • 8th March 2013
    Landlords and tenants can protect themselves from this risk and carefully choose their letting agent. At Belvoir Cardiff, we take every measure to protect our clients’ funds and this is highlighted by our commitment to SAFEagent...
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  • 12th December 2012
    Conduct periodic property visits. This is good practice but probably the most disliked part of being a Landlord. Periodic visits can be used to prevent such wide scale property damage but in any case PPVs are useful to identify potential maintenance issues, giving a chance to correct small problems before they escalate....
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  • 5th December 2012
    Belvoir Cardiff also offer an emergency out-of-hours service to ensure that in the case of a genuine emergency our tenants have the information and a process to limit or prevent damage to a property...
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  • 28th November 2012
    Compile an inventory and schedule of condition. it will be difficult to claim recompense for tenant damage if you don’t have an accurate description of the property at the start of the tenancy....
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  • 24th October 2012
    Ask the Agent to clearly explain their fees, not just the initial fees but all the fees that will be encountered up until the tenant moves OUT of your property and another tenant needs to be found....
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  • 1st October 2012
    Your ownership of a rental property is likely to be on a medium to long term basis and as such it will need to consistently deliver over this period. During this time your property may largely stay the same but the UK economy, local economy and property market are likely to change, considerably...
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  • 14th August 2012
    As a Landlord If you are managing your property you must obtain a licence, however If using a property management agent you don’t need to be licenced but you must use a licensed letting agent....
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  • Sunday Times Awards Poster
    6th August 2012
    Belvoir Lettings scooped Gold at the Lettings Agency of the Year Awards, winning the title of Best Lettings Agency Franchise 2012. ...
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